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Affiliates Program Conditions

The purpose of these conditions is to establish a framework that regulates relations between the COMPANY and the AFFILIATE. The AFFILIATE agrees to comply with these conditions. The COMPANY reserves the right to withdraw membership, in any moment and immediately effective, of any AFFILIATE that hasn’t provided truthful data during the process of affiliation or registration, or that fails to comply with these conditions. The AFFILIATES whose membership has been thus withdrawn will lose the rights and privileges afforded to AFFILIATES, as well as those over potential clients or AFFILIATES registered through them.



1. To become an AFFILIATE, you must register on the COMPANY’s web site filling in the corresponding personal data form.

2. The COMPANY reserves the right to reject any registration.

3. To become an AFFILIATE you must be of legal age.

4. An AFFILIATE may voluntarily and permanently cease their membership at any moment. This cancellation must be requested in writing to the COMPANY to be effective.

5. The COMPANY reserves the right to withdraw the membership of an AFFILIATE immediately due to a breach of the conditions agreed in this contract.

6. The contents of the COMPANY’s web site, as well as texts, graphics, photographs, designs, and programs are protected and not allowed for commercial use without the prior and written permission of the COMPANY.

7. Any time the AFFILIATE sends a referral e-mail or uses any other mean, they will do so with the consent of the addressee and in compliance to the current legislation in each territory.

8. The AFFILIATE is not authorized to act on behalf of Proyecto Alfa 88 Ganoderma Salud S.L



1. The AFFILIATE will promote to third parties the products commercialized by the COMPANY. The AFFILIATE will be entitled to a percentage of the sales to customers promoted by them, using the means the COMPANY makes available online, forwarding links or contacts to their acquaintances that will allow them to receive a basic informative flash of our products, and therefore feel motivated to access our web site using said link. Once they purchase our products through our web site they will be automatically added to the portfolio of customers of the AFFILIATE that recommended them and will generate said commission or bonus percentage for the AFFILIATE, which will be payable quarterly in the account designated by the AFFILIATE. To that end, there will be available in the COMPANY’s web site a private link to access a safe environment that will allow the AFFILIATE and the COMPANY to access and manage their group’s different clients, commissions generated by sales and other relevant data.

To that end, the AFFILIATE, once registered, will receive an user password to access privately to their account. The AFFILIATE will be responsible for the confidentiality of their access password. If the AFFILIATE shared their password or personal data, they will be liable for any actions done in their account.

2. The generated commissions will be payable by the company to the AFFILIATE following this system:

Quarterly bank transfers to the designated account in the AFFILIATE’s name, always when the quantity has reached a minimum of 100 Euros.

3. The AFFILIATE agrees not to reveal the content of this contract, any confidential information, or property rights of the COMPANY that they have knowledge of. The AFFILIATE will not use said information in a way that may affect the COMPANY negatively. At the end of this contract, this restriction will continue to apply for a period of two years.

4. The COMPANY collects, maintains and processes all the AFFILIATE’s personal data and their portfolio of CUSTOMERS in accordance to Organic Law 15/1999 of December 13, on personal data protection, by electronic and non-electronic means. The COMPANY uses personal data in the exercise of its functions under this contract and its legal and regulatory obligations, including: calculation and payment of commissions; provision of services and products; provision of information on marketing opportunities related to the COMPANY’s services and products; fulfillment of legal, financial, accounting, and administrative duties; and the protection of the COMPANY’s legal and contractual rights. The COMPANY will give the AFFILIATE access to the balance of their commissions, a list of their promoted clients, as well as details of the purchases made by them. The AFFILIATE will send information about the recommendation of products to those who request it and/or always in compliance to the current legislation in each territory.

The COMPANY, with tax domicile in Avenida Juan Carlos I, nº14, bajo 5, edificio Thaderlanda, as administrator of the file, is committed to keep personal information confidential and to guarantee the exercise of the rights of access, rectification, erasure and objection, through a letter to the above referred address providing in any case a photocopy of the ID card, residence permit, passport, or any other valid and current official document that identifies the AFFILIATE.

The AFFILIATE will treat any personal data they may access in the course of this contract as confidential information.

5. Due to market changes or any other economic circumstances, the COMPANY may be forced to change these conditions, procedures, remuneration plans, and other materials related to this contract giving notice to the AFFILIATE thirty (30) days in advance through communication in the COMPANY’s web page. To stay an AFFILIATE after the communication of amendment of the conditions, you must express consent to the amendments in the contract. You will be deemed to have expressed consent if withina thirty (30) days period you do not send communication to the COMPANY notifying your objection to the amendment of the conditions. In this case it will be deemed that you accept said conditions, starting on the day of communication and will not have retroactive effects.

In case of default in acceptance by the AFFILIATE and termination of the contract, the COMPANY will maintain the commissions of your client base during two years, starting on the day of communication of the amendment of the conditions.

6. This contract will be subject to the laws of Spain and to the jurisdiction of the Spanish courts. Only the competent judicial body corresponding to the tax domicile of the COMPANY will settle any dispute arising out of the interpretation, application and development of this contract.